Privacy and Cookie Policy

Effective Date:  1 July 2021


Cookies are small text files that the websites you use or some of the e-mails that you open insert into your computer or other device. They are widely used in order to ease the use of websites and to relay business and marketing information to the website owner.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

Technical use – easy to use

Cookies are used for technical reasons to make the website work as efficiently as possible. They are used in order to save, for example, the choices the user has made, such as accepting the cookie policy. These kind of cookies help to “remember” the choices that you have done so that we don’t ask for them again during your each visit.


Cookies are used to gather statistical information about how our visitors use our website. The information is used, for example, to gather information about the functioning of our website so that we can make improvements. We can also see how many visitors have clicked a certain link in an e-mail message.

Below is a list of the key cookies which we might use when you enter our website.

Third-party cookies

Also third parties may place cookies. However, none of these third parties can gather personal details by which they could identify you specifically.

Cookie management

You can accept or prevent the use of all cookies on our website. You can manage cookies by activating your browser’s configuration with which you can prevent the use of all or some cookies. According to the law, some cookies, such as third party cookies, may not be used unless the visitor accepts it. When you visit the webpages and applications for the first time you will be asked for your explicit consent. You also have the right to view, edit or delete the personal details that the cookies forward.

If you wish to manage the cookies in this way, see the instructions available from your browser or the instruction files in the Internet. For additional information see: or or These webpages contain comprehensive information about how to define the configurations in many different browsers. For example, there is information about how to delete cookies from the device (also those relating to this visit) and more general knowledge on cookies.

The period of saving depends on the cookie. However, the time counter always starts from the beginning when you visit the webpages.

Changes to this privacy policy

Changes can be made to the use and positioning of cookies. We recommend you to check this webpage from time to time to view our valid cookie policy.

In case you have problems with cookie management, please contact