Compare business loans – Sortter is launching a new service

From spring 2021 onwards, small and mid-size enterprises (SME) can compare and apply loans for their businesses on Sortter’s Finnish website. The application amounts can vary from 1 000 euros to 5 million euros.

Businesses can now also enjoy the effortless way of applying loans through a single channel. Applying SME loans are easy – it takes only a few minutes to fill up an application form.

Above all, companies can apply loans for different purposes; to start up, develop or expand businesses. SME loans can be applied no matter how big or small the company is or in what field the business operates in. The loans can be applied between 1 000 euros and 5 million euros.

After sending the application, the applicant will receive multiple loan offers to review. Sortter will display all loan offers in a user-friendly manner. This means that we give an in-depth breakdown of all the costs related to the loan, including interest rates and service fees.

Have a look at our new service, SME loans – and send us an application.

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