Sortter’s new advertising campaign launched

Have you already seen our new commercial? Sortter’s new advertising campaign has been launched on TV and the radio nationwide in Finland.

In the new commercial, Sortter’s chief economist, Ahti Ekholm, tells how consumers can benefit economically from low interest rates.

Ekholm is the creation of our marketing team and he has gained many fans during a short course of time. This inspiring character will share his economic wisdom to Finnish households during the next months.

– Our chief economist offers practical tips for households on how to balance with finances and save more money – even during economical difficulties, Sortter’s head of marketing, Lauri Miettinen says.

Households can benefit from loan comparison

Comparing loan offers can bring substantial savings for consumers’ monthly expenses. 

The interest rate in an old loan agreement doesn’t automatically decrease – even if the same loan with better terms would be available. This means that the consumers need to regularly compare that the interest rates in loans and credit cards are in balance.

Also, consolidating old credit card debts and different loans to a single, more manageable loan, can also be a good decision. This not only saves money when paying only a single loan’s expenses and interest rates but it also makes it easier to manage the repayment.

– By comparing loan offers and consolidating old debts to new more affordable loans, the consumers can enjoy more economical flexibility and save money, as Ekholm sums up in the commercial.

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